What this blog is:

  • A meal-prep focused recipe blog. You can explore individual recipes here or download prep packages (grocery shopping list included!) to get started. You can also check out some helpful tips in the Meal Prep 101 section.
  • Targeted towards people cooking for one. Which doesn’t mean you can’t easily double or triple these recipes to feed more than just you 🙂
  • Healthy. Ish. Mostly. You’ll find that most of the recipes here fall between 400-500 calories per serving (nutrition info included on each recipe page), which is a little less than some people might need for the day. Bulk up the recipes with extra veggies or lean protein for a more filling, healthy meal.

Some things that might be missing:

  • Cooking basics. I don’t tend to get into the details of chopping onions, cooking rice, boiling eggs, or any of that jazz. There are thousands of existing sites with this kind of beginner knowledge, and I’m not out to clutter the interwebs.
  • Amounts of spices. Kind of a weird thing, but I didn’t put any measurements on the spices in my recipes. This is because a) everyone is different, and I think you should just season to your liking, but mostly b) I don’t measure spices so I really have no idea. So up to you! Use as much or as little spices as you want.
  • Bell peppers. They just don’t agree with me. Feel free to add those guys (or any ingredient, really), to any recipe where you feel like they are missing.

meAbout me
This is me. Jess. I inherited my love of cooking from my dad, with whom I would spend my after-school afternoons cooking dinner, chatting, and constantly brushing up on state capitols. I inherited my love of organization from my mom, a woman who can rearrange a closet or kitchen drawer in ways you didn’t think was humanly possible. Out of these two gene pools a love of meal prep was born.

When I’m not cooking things and putting them into tupperware, I’m listening to records, watching Law & Order: SVU reruns, playing video games, and enjoying my job as a User Experience Designer in the wonderful city of Chicago.


Please contact me with any questions or feedback about the site!